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Hotmix University Class

Which Hotmix University Course is Right For You?

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Learning an asphalt plant’s ins and outs is never fully accomplished. With the ever-changing requirements, guidelines and regulations, you never know what a day can bring. For this reason, Stansteel and Hotmix Parts & Service have created courses that help plant managers and operators gain insightful knowledge for their asphalt operations. Hotmix University is a four-day training and technical conference, with combined lectures and hands-on workshops that entails extensive asphalt plant parts and components with discussions focused from leading industry experts. Our team has over 1500+ years in the asphalt industry, ranging from plant operators to plant managers.

Hotmix University Courses

The two courses offered are designed for different roles involved in the asphalt plant operation. One of our courses is designed for managers, superintendents and owners of plants. The Hotmix University Managers Exchange is centered around the return on investment for your plant operation, changing industry standards and, most importantly, keeping your operation SAFE.

The other course offered is the Hotmix University Operators course. This course is designed for new and experienced operators to learn and refresh their asphalt plant knowledge. This course is diverse in the technical aspects of keeping the asphalt operation running efficiently.

Each course is located at our manufacturing facilities in Louisville, KY, where we have designed full scale equipment and models of actual asphalt equipment for training purposes. We also limit the number of attendees per course. In doing so, this allows for simpler and productive interactions with the instructors and among the asphalt producers and operators. Often, these conversations go beyond our lectures and lead to more insightful knowledge gained.

Each course covers a variety of topics of the asphalt industry and plant operation. From inspecting and reviewing a plant to seeing how it could be improved to increase production rates, adding important technology changes, running RAP or RAS, and foaming or blending your liquid A.C. We leave no topic left undiscussed.

Hotmix University Class

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Plant Relocation

Since Stansteel is one of the leaders in both used equipment and reconditioned equipment, we provide estimates and coordinate take down, freight, cranes and manpower to move equipment from one location to another.

Field or Factory Reconditioning

Our companies can dispatch from 5 to 50 field technicians for emergency repair or major reconditioning. Examples are dryer/drum tire or sectional replacement, complete slat conveyor rebuilding or air system retrofits.

Heating, Drying & Flighting Evaluations

In order to get the most out of an existing system, our engineers and technicians can examine the many factors involved in proper combustion, heating and drying, including flighting, seals, the condition of drum/dryer tires, trunnions and other major components. Since this is one of the high-wear items and so critical in order to make quality hotmix asphalt, it requires constant monitoring and frequent measurement to see if it’s performing within standard.

Combustion Analysis and Burner Tuning

Technical experts look at the combustion system to determine levels of burner adjustment and if the proper combustion is being achieved. Also, recommendations can be made about the flighting, dust handling and complete induced draft fan for the main exhaust on the baghouse.

Electronic Control System Review

The existing controls can be evaluated, diagnosed and either upgraded or replaced. Also, installation services for the setup of electronics and training of the operators for proper use.

Air Systems Studies

Reviewing the air system, air handling and pressure drops throughout the system can be reviewed. Many of the existing induced draft fans, baghouses and primary collectors are not at all operating near performance and can significantly limit the production on the plant.

Business Evaluation

Many of our key personnel have extensive experience at setting up business operations from the start all the way to running multi-million dollar operations. We can evaluate either someone that’s in the process of trying to significantly change their business operations or perhaps position it to market the business to a new owner.

To learn more, contact your Stansteel and Hotmix Parts & Service Representatives Here