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Asphalt Plant Control Systems



The Accu-Level detects the accurate amount of material in your tanks and silos

Tank-Tracker Innovative Technology Hotmix Parts


Tank Tracker allows you to monitor specific operations of your plant on the go.

Tank Manager Innovative Technology Hotmix Parts

Tank Manager

The Tank Manager allows you to monitor and regulate all of your tanks and silos.

Asphalt Plant Accu-Track


The ACCU-Track is a comprehensive system for controlling your entire plant.

Innovative Technology



The Accu-Shear positively blends additives with liquid asphalt.

The NiteOwl Advantage Alert System


The NiteOwl Advantage Alert System is a multi-purpose electronic watchman for asphalt plants.

Pin Pusher Innovative Technology Hotmix Parts

Pin Pusher

No more hammers or torches! Push your chain’s pins out with ease.

RAP Gator Advantage

RAP Gator

Crush RAP and RAS materials to your size.  

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