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Accu-Track Control Screen

Integrates all of your asphalt plant's systems.

The Accu-Track Advantage™ is a comprehensive system for controlling the entire plant, from proportioning the cold feed bins to selecting the storage silos. With today’s high production rates and stringent state specifications, it is essential that all possible control be provided to ensure maximum plant operation with minimum downtime and superior mix quality.

The Accu-Track Advantage™, using patented technology and techniques, was developed over the past 40 years from an accumulation of installations on all brands, types and manufacturers of asphalt plants. The new user-friendly interface is made for the modern era of fast communication, remote accessibility and SAFETY.

Accu-Track Advantage™ Plant Control Capabilities

The Accu-Track Advantage™ software has been developed with both the plant personnel and office management in mind. Some of the control capabilities of the system are:

Mix Designs – 200, with 8-digit mix number and 32-character mix descriptions

Aggregate Feeders – 14, with tachometer feedback or individual belt scales

Recycle Feeders – 4, with individual belt scales or one central belt scale for both

Asphalt Pumps – 2, with separate metering and blending capabilities

Fillers – 4, with volumetric or weigh depletion control

Liquid Additives – 4, volumetric or metering control

Storage Silos – 12, with automatic selection capability


• Automatic Bintop Conveyor and Batcher Control
• Drag Slat & Bintop Zero Speed Alarm
• High Silo Alarm & Shutdown
• Change Mix Time Countdown
• Silo Inventory Output Pulse Provides Silo Level Monitoring

• Material No-Flow Alarm
• Automatic Bin Vibrator Control
• Individual Feeder Stop/Start Times
• Reduce Waste
• Calibrate Feeder in Minutes
• Feeder Zero Speed Indication
• Control up to 15 feeders standard
• Multi Point Feeder Calibration – Improves Gradation Accuracy
• Pre-calibrate up to 4 materials per feeder

• Baghouse Pulse Control
• High Temperature Alarm and Shutdown
• Baghouse Screw Zero Speed Alarm

• Internal Scale Calibration to meet or exceed state specifications
• Dual Scale Capabilities
• Scale Bypass Feature – Reduces Plant Downtime
• 2 Point Scale Calibration

• Meter or weigh any ingredient
• Easily modified system to meet state specs or conditions
• Unique timing features help minimize waste

• Burner Fuel Usage Rate and Totals
• Individual AC On/Off Times for each mix design – reduces waste!

• Calibration Accuracy to 2/10 of 1%
• Back up AC Meter
• AC No-Flow Indication
• Automatic AC Line Fill
• Mix and AC changes “on-the-fly”

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