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Accu-Track Advantage Complete Plant Control

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Complete Plant Control

Being in control is always a good thing. We have all heard the terms cruise control, access control, climate control and of course self control. When we have control over the things around us it gives us a sense of peace that we can deal with any situation that may arise.

No doubt about it, a controlled situation is the best way to run an operation. When things are controlled they are just more efficient. Having complete control over your asphalt operation is no exception. imagine the peace of mind you would have if you could govern your plant with the push of a button. With the Accu-Track Advantage™ that technology is now available.

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What is the Accu-Track Advantage?

The Accu-Track Advantage™ is a comprehensive system for controlling your entire plant, from proportioning the cold feed bins to selecting the storage silos, and everything in between. With today’s high production rates and stringent state specifications, it is essential that all possible control be provided to insure maximum plant operation with minimum downtime and superior mix quality.

The system is the only one in the asphalt industry to control all operations using standard components and designed, programmed, manufactured and supported in the USA. Some obsolete controls use a rebuilt style computer or specially designed E-prom chip cards for basic plant blending.

The Accu-Track System is Compatible with All Plant Manufactures and Configurations

The Accu-Track AdvantageTM, using patented technology and techniques, was developed over the past 40 years from an accumulation of installations on all brands, types and manufacturers of asphalt plants. The new user-friendly interface is made for the modern era of fast communication, remote accessibility and SAFETY.

The system utilizes a Linux based operating system that allows for the use of automatic and manual operations to ensure your plant is always running and making quality mix. It also has the ability to interface with any web based device including smart phones, tablets, or desktop computers, so users can view pertinent plant data in real time.