Accu-Level 1

Stop overfilling AC tanks and silos

Determining the amount of material left in your A.C. Tank with an antiquated and problematic lever and pulley system is a thing of the past with Hotmix Parts and Service new Accu-Level AC Tank and Silo Level Indicator. This innovative piece of equipment makes it so that you never have to second-guess how much material is currently in your A.C. Tank farms ever again.

Through the use of new cutting-edge technology, the Accu-Level is able to detect the accurate amount of liquid A.C. in your tank without distortion from the internal agitator. This device allows for incredibly accurate readings even in situations of heavy build-up and volatile gases associated with asphalt storage.

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Measure within 1.5% accuracy using a precise digital readout

The Accu-Level incorporated in your current PLC or be a stand-alone control. With our remote monitoring system, you can keep track of tank levels from any computer, phone, or tablet that shares the same network as the device.

Accu-Level Precision Digital Control
Accu-Level 3

Benefits of the Stansteel Tank Management System

Wilbert Best explains the benefits of our Stansteel Tank Management System at ConExpo 2020

Our Tank Management System features: