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Asphalt plant solutions - Counterflow drum conversion - custom designed dryer and rotary mixer for asphalt plant

The Hotmix Parts & Service Group offers problem analysis and solutions for any type and brand of asphalt plant. With our very experienced staff of engineers and asphalt technicians, we have hundreds of years of accumulated experience in the asphalt industry. In addition to this vast technical knowledge, a large number of our staff have the practical experience of having themselves been plant operators, producers and company owners. Therefore, we are confident to say that we know the equipment from the inside out. Our plant components and parts have shipped all over the world and, over the years, we have also specialized in the supply of used equipment and reconditioned equipment. Understanding the potential of used equipment has been critical in helping our customers utilize it to achieve their goals. While others may shy away from purchasing used, we believe that with the right evaluation and reconditioning, used asphalt plants and components can be true diamonds in the rough and save significantly in upgrade costs.

In our analysis of plant solutions, we research in detail a specific part or piece, but also look holistically at the plant system in order to make sure that we're helping provide a true solution for our customer that will help enhance operations for many years to come.

In this analysis, we normally review the plant as five major subsystems of the entire operating plant process. These systems break down as follows:

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Silo Equipment, Slat Conveyors and Transfer Devices can sustain a great deal of wear and with the increased use of continuous or drum mix plants, the silo system, slat conveyor or bucket elevator are absolutely critical to the operation of the entire process. If a major component such as a slat conveyor, sprocket, or bearing breaks down, it can shut off the entire operation. This can mean hundreds or thousands of dollars an hour in time wasted until it can be repaired. Hotmix Parts & Service specializes in stocking many of the components critical for emergencies to get the plant re-started. Furthermore, we have the unique advantage of being located in Louisville, KY, adjacent to the United Parcel Service (UPS) Next Day Air Hub. We can take many of these parts to the airport as late as 9 PM to be delivered anywhere in the 50 states of the U.S. and Canada by the next morning.

In addition, it is important to have the material handling equipment designed to withstand the rigors of the operation and keep updating to new technology. We see many companies that have kept their old silo system and slat conveyor components, but upgraded the ton per hour of the plant. If the conveying equipment does not handle the ton per hour, then it slows down the entire process. Hotmix Parts & Service can upgrade the components to handle the higher tons per hour and even some of the very difficult-to-handle mixes such as rubberized asphalt, mix with high percentages of shingles and RAP.

One other recent innovation is equipping the slat conveyor with a variable frequency drive so that the slat conveyor does not have to run empty and wear many of the components actually more than if material had been conveyed.

Much of the material handling equipment is taken for granted on many asphalt plants. As an example, for making some of the higher end specifications, Superpave, Stonemastic asphalts and others, there is a great need for multiple cold feed bins. By having these multiple bins, one or two do not have to be cleaned out in order to just run a special mix. This helps provide more throughput time for the plant and less clean up, start up, shut down, calibrations, etc.

In a similar way, the additional materials to be handled on plants are evermore critical. With the higher utilization of RAP and RAS, that has to not only handle unique feed characteristics and adhesion and stickiness that many of these materials have, but also that it could consolidate into chunks that are frequently a problem for downstream equipment. This is one of the reasons we developed the revolutionary RAP Gator that's in use at hundreds of plants throughout North America.

In a similar way, the handling of dust, both dust collected at the plant as well as either purchased mineral filler, hydrated lime or other ingredients, must be metered and/or weighed in order to provide the right combination of ingredients to make the ultimate mix.

Heating, Drying, and Mixing Processes

These are some of the most critical processes on the plant, removing the moisture from the aggregates as well as efficiently drying and mixing the ingredients for a good end result specification. In conjunction with our sister companies, Stansteel and Louisville Dryer Company, we have produced over 5,000 dryers for a variety of industrial processes. Because of our experience, we have developed a unique Engineered Efficient Flighting System™ that is custom designed for every type of dryer and drum mixer and takes into account many factors such as the length of the unit, fuel type, the revolutions per minute and the hundreds of other factors that are so critical to efficient heat transfer as well as having the equipment arranged for proper mixing. We also take into account the addition of RAP, RAS or other ingredients required by the state or other governmental unit.

Air and Combustion System

Even though many baghouses have been around on plants for almost 40 years, we still see a great deal of misunderstanding about the air and combustion systems on plants. At Hotmix Parts & Service, we know and understand all types of air pollution equipment, whether it is a straight fan, wet type venturi scrubber or baghouse. We can also replace, repair and maintain the operation of older type devices such as wet scrubbers and are often asked to do so.

The many misapplications of baghouse air pollution equipment come from not understanding the critical need for a primary dust collector on many of the plant processes and not having adequate cloth air in the baghouse. Most baghouses with high dust loading need a large enough box structure to let dust particles settle out and not re-entrane from bag to bag. Reviewing this process, as well as understanding how fan curves need to operate on the plant and having the proper amount of air, are all important aspects.

Liquids Metering, Blending, Pumping, and Storage

It's a fact: the costly ingredient for hotmix asphalt is the actual liquid asphalt. This is why, at Hotmix Parts & Service, we understand the need to properly heat, store, blend and meter it. With the Accu-Shear® series of systems, we not only offer the basic water foaming, but can blend multiple ingredients, including modifying the grade of liquid asphalt inline at the plant. This prevents overspending on extra storage for tanks, heating equipment and storage of different grades of A.C. Anti-strip, liquid chemicals and other items can be performed right online at the plant.

The monitoring of the liquid asphalt usage is also very important. With our different series of Accu-Meter™ Liquid Asphalt Systems, we not only send electronic signals to pump and meter asphalt at a given rate, but we have a closed loop system to verify that the unit is operating within pre-set parameters. In addition, items such as calibration tanks can help solve the issue of not having the pump and metering system tracking correctly and this can be verified for the state and for recalibration of electronics.

Electronic Controls and Weighing

In evaluating an existing plant, it is important to determine if the plant is meeting its correct asphalt gradations and extractions as well as if it's performing all functions in a repeatable manner. The electronic controls on the plant must be accurate over a wide range of production rates and cannot create a lot of waste on shutdown or start-up. Unfortunately, many of the asphalt producers with poor control systems see huge "pull-down piles" of thousands to tens of thousands of tons every year that must be wasted. Hotmix Parts & Service can supply complete plant control systems but also smaller segments to help the producer keep an operation going with its existing controls. As an example, we stock many items such as Honeywell temperature controllers, complete burner control replacements, thermocouples, NiteOwl® Plant Alerts and hundreds of other items.

The ultimate tool we provide is the Accu-Track™ Total Plant Control that not only blends ingredients extremely accurately, but tracks hundreds of items on the plant and interlocks in order to prevent material deviation and out-of-specification mix and material.