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How a new system transformed a Louisiana plant, boosted production, dramatically reduced waste and created a safer operation

Exact hotmix asphalt mix specifications
Glenn Lege's paving crew at work.

Dust Removal Percentage
A small portion of the aggregate that enters the drum is picked up into the air stream created by the exhaust fan. This dust material is deposited into the baghouse or, on older plants, into the wetwash holding pond. All drum mix blending computers weigh the baghouse dust on the aggregate belt scale prior to its removal by the exhaust fan. The Accu-Track Control System is the only system designed to compensate for this dust removal if some or all of the dust is wasted. The dust removal percentage is entered into the control for each mix design. The Accu-Track automatically lowers the aggregate ton per hour rate display by the dust removal percentage. Only the amount of liquid asphalt needed for the corrected aggregate ton per hour is injected into the drum.

Green Features - Money Saving Features
The Accu-Track System is engineered with features for conserving fuel, electrical power usage and significantly reducing or eliminating waste (the dreaded "pull-down" piles.)
  1. Individual Timing of Materials - On/Off Times to Reduce Waste
  2. Pre-Fill A.C. Injection Line to Reduce Waste
  3. System Start and Stop to Temporarily Stop Plant Operation
  4. Baghouse Pulse Control
    Baghouse cleaning is typically controlled using a pulse board with on and off timer settings. The board is sometimes mounted on the baghouse making it difficult to adjust the pulsing rate as conditions change. This reduces the life of the bags and increases overall production costs. The Accu-Track System will only pulse the bags when the plant is producing mix. Also, a parameter in the "Timers" screen allows the operator to adjust the pulse timing as needed.
  5. Raw Materials Inventory
    A stockpile raw material usage and inventory status report is generated by the Accu-Track System. A computer screen depicts the existing inventory for all of the raw materials in the yard used in making asphalt. The system automatically deducts from the inventory as different mixes are being produced. A manual entry to the inventory can be made as needed when raw materials are brought into the yard.
  6. Plant Trending Screens
    Plant trending or computerized graphing is an Accu-Track feature that allows an individual to instantly evaluate and monitor the asphalt mix being produced. The system produces over 80 individual XY graphs every day. Some of the various graphs are asphalt content accuracy, mix temperature, kilowatt power usage and individual feeder rates. For many of the graphs, an over and under tolerance range will be depicted in red lines with the actual variable being depicted in yellow. Each production day's data can be saved for viewing at a later time.
  7. Multiple Materials Calibrated for Each Feeder
  8. Mix Change Time
    The mix change time is the length of time it takes for the mix to convey from the first cold feed bin to the top of the drag slat conveyor. Each mix design formula has a separate mix change time. When the operator fills a silo with Mix A and decides to begin making Mix B on the fly, the mix change time will begin to count down on the computer screen. When the timer reaches zero, an alarm will sound signaling the operator to position the gates to fill another silo. The mix change time greatly reduces mix contamination from one silo to another.
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