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How a new system transformed a Louisiana plant, boosted production, dramatically reduced waste and created a safer operation

Replacement asphalt plant controls - all brands
The team at Glenn Lege in the control house with their newly installed system from Hotmix Parts Stansteel.

Neuville couldn't agree more. The old controls at Glenn Lege communicated very poorly what was really going on with each plant component. "To make asphalt, you have to tell the plant what to put in it," he explains. "You do that by putting in a formula." Sounds simple. But formulas entered in the system rarely matched the final output before the Stansteel controls were installed. Calibrations were also painful, lasting three to four days and, according to Neuville, "after we did them, it still wasn't right."

Having no technical support was also a fault in the old system. While they spent all those extra hours trying to perfect the final mix, when the controls malfunctioned, the Glenn Lege team was left to themselves to figure out the glitch, forcing the plant to shut down, wasting precious time and money for the company. "I've learned a lot, I'll tell you that much," jokes Abshire, with plant operator Paul Campbell quickly chiming in, "But that 'school of hard knocks' isn't right though…" Campbell, like Neuville, started in his position at Glenn Lege a few years back, when the old controls were causing everyone trouble. "This is not what I was used to," replies Campbell, who admits that he had never worked on such a troublesome system that made him uneasy about handling the making of asphalt.

When Stansteel's team came on site to demonstrate their controls, Campbell and the rest of the Glenn Lege men agree they were quite skeptical. "I thought this was just a sales pitch," Abshire remembers. "But it really is that simple. With this new system, you know exactly what is wrong and what you need."

Gilpin says the Stansteel controls are tried and true, and have impressed many asphalt contractors like Glenn Lege over the years. "This is a system that has 30+ years of redevelopments and installation history. We have been on so many plant sites, talked to so many people making asphalt and always built upon those experiences to better our offerings. We also know what it takes to make our Stansteel system work with plants of other brands, in this case, an ALmix plant." Asked what makes the Stansteel Accu-Track top of the line, Gilpin credits his crew first – "You have to start with a seasoned crew who understands how a continuous plant works and has the experience to deliver exactly what the customer needs." All of his team members have 25+ years of handling asphalt controls nationally and in many other parts of the world.

The Accu-Track integrates all of the plant's systems, from the drum/dryer, to the cold feeds and silos, to the baghouse and more. "It is designed to maximize your operation and regulate everything with precision, then communicate back accurately to the operator." Below are some of the features that Gilpin says make the Accu-Track unique and that caused Neuville to pick Stansteel's system for installation at his location.

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